2020 ARSBC 

Cow & Heifer Session

Dr. Phillipe Moriel, Univ. of Florida – Enhancing long-term growth and reproduction of heifers. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M – Nutritional strategies for pregnancy success [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Cliff Lamb, Texas A&M – Utilizing sexed semen in AI and ET programs. [PDF] [Video]

Mr. Matt Perrier, Dalebanks Angus – Reproductive technologies that have changed the ranch. [PDF] [Video]

Bull Session

Dr. David Kenny, Teagasc – Bull development and its impacts on sperm. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Zach McFarlane, Cal. Poly – Bull nutrition for a successful herd sire. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Tom Geary, USDA-ARS – Bull fertility: nutritional effects and new measures. [Video]

Dr. George Perry, Texas A&M – The ultimate value of breeding soundness evaluations. [PDF] [Video]

Veterinary Continuing Education Session

Dr. Paul Walz, Auburn Univ. – Vaccination to protect against reproductive disease. [Video]

Dr. Lee Jones, Univ. of Georgia – Investigating conception failures and pregnancy loss in beef cows. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Chance Armstrong, Louisiana State Univ. – Bull breeding soundness exam: What’s new? [PDF] [Video]

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