Considered the premier national event in beef cattle reproductive management, the meeting has a long history of providing the latest information on the application of reproductive technologies and includes a range of topics related to cow herd reproduction — such as nutritional interactions, management and male fertility.

The 2020 ARSBC was a fully online event and featured three sessions: one covering cows and heifers; the second covering bulls; and the third animal health. You can watch all webinars in our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!) and in the specific links below. Continuing education credit was available from ARPAS and the Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine (with reciprocity to other state veterinary boards) for those that requested CE during registration and signed up during the live session. Unfortunately, CE credits cannot be acquired by watching the YouTube channel.

Cow & Heifer Session

Dr. Phillipe Moriel, Univ. of Florida – Enhancing long-term growth and reproduction of heifers. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M – Nutritional strategies for pregnancy success [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Cliff Lamb, Texas A&M – Utilizing sexed semen in AI and ET programs. [PDF] [Video]

Mr. Matt Perrier, Dalebanks Angus – Reproductive technologies that have changed the ranch. [PDF] [Video]

Bull Session

Dr. David Kenny, Teagasc – Bull development and its impacts on sperm. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Zach McFarlane, Cal. Poly – Bull nutrition for a successful herd sire. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Tom Geary, USDA-ARS – Bull fertility: nutritional effects and new measures. [Video]

Dr. George Perry, Texas A&M – The ultimate value of breeding soundness evaluations. [PDF] [Video]

Veterinary Continuing Education Session

Dr. Paul Walz, Auburn Univ. – Vaccination to protect against reproductive disease. [Video]

Dr. Lee Jones, Univ. of Georgia – Investigating conception failures and pregnancy loss in beef cows. [PDF] [Video]

Dr. Chance Armstrong, Louisiana State Univ. – Bull breeding soundness exam: What’s new? [PDF] [Video]

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