For best results perform AI 12 ± 2 hr after detection of estrus. Use of estrus detection aids (EDA) is highly recommended.



Aervoe™, AIPAint™, Detect-her™, Estrotect™, Kamar™, Mark-her™, Paintstik™, Quick Shot™,     Tell Tail™, Twist-Stik™

Cystorelin®, Factrel®, Fertagyl®, OvaCyst®, GONABreed®

estroPLAN®, Estrumate®, Lutalyse®, Lutalyse® HighCon, ProstaMate®, SYNCHSURE™

Programs are intended to promote sustainable food production systems by the beef industry through sound reproductive management practices for replacement heifers and postpartum cows. The Beef Reproduction Task Force recommends working with a licensed veterinarian for proper use and application of all reproductive hormones.